Central Florida Saltwater Fishing FAQ's

Central Florida Light Tackle Saltwater Flats Fishing • FAQ's

(ATTENTION: The Algae Bloom of 2016 that has been seen on the national news is in SOUTHERN FLORIDA, it is not near this area, it is over a 115 miles away from the Mosquito Lagoon. The fishing here is not effected by that bloom and is not the same body of water! Call me for details 352-223-7897)

Where is the Mosquito Lagoon & Indian River located?
The Mosquito Lagoon and Indian River are located in east central Florida in the New Smyrna Beach, Daytona Beach, Cocoa Beach, Melbourne, Sebastian Inlet area along Florida's Space Coast. It is roughly 45 minutes east of Orlando, Kissimmee, and Walt Disney World. This is the closest and best saltwater fishing in central Florida.

What type of fishing goes on here?
The inshore backcountry waters of both the Mosquito Lagoon and Indian River are famous for flats, fly and sight fishing on both artificial and live bait tactics. Redfish, seatrout, Atlantic black drum, IRL snook, shark, flounder, lady fish, jacks, snapper and tarpon are the top targeted fish on these waters, using both spin and fly fishing methods. This is all inshore saltwater flats fishing within the boundaries of the Canaveral National Seashore and the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge.

Along with seasonal coastal trips along the Atlantic waters of east central Florida. It is one of the top destinations in the world to go saltwater fishing. All of the charters on the Mosquito Lagoon and Indian River are located inside the national park and wildlife refuge, so catch and release is practiced while fishing these particular waters.

Also at certain times of the year we have seasonal fish that move through here along our beaches in which the weather and the conditions allow us to target these fish along the near shore waters of the Atlantic ocean. Some of these species include sharks, triple tail, cobia, snook, tarpon, mangrove snapper, pompano and king fish. Please ask for details and seasons on this. Also some fish along the beaches are allowed to be harvested for human consumption; Such as grouper, cobia, pompano, triple tail, snapper and flounder are a few of them.

What kind of game fish will we catch here?
Known as the "Redfish Capital Of The World", the Mosquito Lagoon and Indian River are famous for its redfish population or also commonly known as red drum or channel bass. However you will also have a chance to catch black drum, spotted sea trout, flounder and the seasonal tarpon, snook, jacks and ladyfish among a few others.

On our near coastal beach fishing trips you can expect to catch a very large variety of species ranging from sharks, triple tail, jacks, flounder, mangrove snapper, grouper, Atlantic tarpon, snook, sheephead, king mackerel, Spanish mackerel and so much more.

What type of tackle will we be using?
It is all light tackle both fly and spin. Whether you wish to use conventional rod and reel, also known as spinning tackle or would like to go fly fishing or try both. Live bait and artificial is used based on preference, time of year, experience levels and targeted species. All of the tackle I use is of professional grade. We use DOA fishing lures, Ross fly reels and St. Croix rods.

What boat ramp or location will we be meeting at the day of the charter?
We use a few different boat ramps that are located throughout the entire Indian River and Mosquito Lagoon systems. Depending upon where the fish are that particular day, we tend to launch as close to them as possible to cut back on long boat rides. These ramps are located in the Titusville, Oak Hill, Edgewater, Cocoa Beach , Ponce Inlet, Port Canaveral, New Smyrna Beach, Canaveral National Seashore and the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge.

How many people can go on a charter?
All of the inshore fishing charters are designed for either one or two anglers most of the time. However on occasion and for an additional charge a third angler can be added depending upon the details of the charter. This is due to the extra space being taken up, extra gear, extra work needed and additional weight on board. Please contact us for details on this.

The charter rates are for the boat. All of my charters are done out of a custom built Ranger Banshee Extreme fitted with a Yamaha 4 stroke engine and equipped to professional standards. If you have more than four anglers please call me for details on getting an additional boat.

The near shore ocean and beach fishing trips at times can accommodate three anglers due to the boat we use is slightly bigger. Please ask for details.

What does the charter rate include?
All of the rates include years of professional knowledge and experience, all necessary licenses, HD camera/photos/video, tackle, St. Croix rods, Shimano reels, bottled water, ice, bait, flies, fuel, cooler, bug spray if needed and much more. Please feel free to call us for details or questions.

How do I reserve a charter?
The easiest way is to either call my cell number at: (352)223-7897 or email me at: [email protected] with all the questions and or comments you have. Then from there I will get a deposit to hold the charter date, gather all of your information relevant to the charter and get you set up. It is very simple and easy. This is a fun sport fishing trip and really is a very easy thing to do.

A deposit is required to reserve/secure and hold the day/boat for each fishing charter trip booked with Florida Inshore Fishing Charters and Captain Drew Cavanaugh. Last minute booking arrangements are always welcomed and the deposit can be waived.

All charters that are rescheduled for any reason(s) and agreed by both parties are non refundable and will be used only in the form of a rain check for future use.

Multiple boat charters and corporate charters are available on the Mosquito Lagoon, Indian River Lagoon, Banana River No Motor Zone and Ponce Inlet for larger parties. I work with only local full time year round Mosquito Lagoon fishing guides and Indian River fishing guides here in the east central Florida area with saltwater fly fishing, spin fishing and sight fishing expertise. All multiple boat charter deposits are held for a rain check only if cancellation is required for any reason at all if the charter can not be done on the date originally booked. This is due to that there are other captains involved and their policies may differ from ours, along with schedules and certain factors that may be unforeseen. So to ensure that the trip will occur we just do a rain check for this on a later date. We can reschedule the trip for a future date with no problems.

What if I have more than two anglers going or have a large party?
Should you have more than the two anglers wanting to go, since you can't fish three persons or more on a flats boat, you will need to book more boats. One boat per every two anglers. Which this can be easily done as well. I will be able to arrange a multiple boat charter with other captains whom I trust and work with here on the Mosquito Lagoon. This too would just require a deposit for each captain. This too is a very easy process to do and to get set up.

The only difference is that all multiple boat deposits are non-refundable due to involving other captains and their schedules or business practices. Since I am arranging another persons schedule they have to have a secured way to hold this date since each one of us have different policies for charters and cancellations. All multiple boat charters deposits are good for a future rain check.

What type of bait and lures will we be using?
I use a few different methods while fishing the flats and bait while sight fishing here. A mixture of live baits from live blue crabs, live shrimp, live mullet, live pin fish and live pig fish are always available. Several choices of D.O.A. artificial fishing lures and plastics are mostly used and depends on the season fished, angler skill level, feeding habits, target species and the area we are fishing. We also use a wide selection of flies as well for the fly fisherman. If you have a preference I will be happy to try and accommodate your needs.

What should I bring?
Depending on the time of year of course dress appropriately with non skid and non marking shoes. A good pair of polarized sunglasses with either a copper or amber lens color. Costa Del Mar makes an excellent selection of sunglasses for sight fishing and flats fishing to help with the glare. You may also want to bring sunscreen, hat, camera, snacks/lunch depending on the length of the charter you choose.

Are kids allowed on board?
Most definitely kids and children are allowed on board. I started fishing when I was a kid with my grandfather so there is no better time to start than that of a child's age. Kids of all ages will have a spectacular time and it is a great learning experience as well. Take a kid fishing today and it will make memories that will last a lifetime.

When is the best time to go fishing?
The fishing here in central Florida is a year round event. In other words the best questions to ask is what time of year do you want to go and what type of weather do you like. The summer fishing offers great shots at seasonal tarpon and snook along with redfish, trout and black drum. The cooler months offer outstanding sight fishing conditions for red fish, trout and black drum. Overall the great weather here in central Florida makes for excellent days of fishing no matter what time of year it is. Please look at the fishing patterns page and this will give you better idea of what is going on and when.

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I look forward to seeing you out here on the water.
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