July 17th, 2014 Mosquito Lagoon Light Tackle Flats Fishing Report

With summer in full swing, here on the waters of east central Florida, the inshore and near coastal saltwater fishing has turned just has hot has the days are getting. The one thing that you Mosquito Lagoon Bull Redfishcan know and look forward to is that as each day goes by it will just get better and better. Backcountry New Smyrna Beach FishingSummer fishing in Florida offers some great opportunities for several different species. From redfish to tarpon. From black drum to the spotted seatrout. To flounder, jacks, cobia and even sharks. It just is a great time of year to fish here.

The days have been starting out very early, very early. This is a big key to having a successful day during the summer months, not just to beat the heat but to get to the fish first. As the sun approaches the horizon you want to be in position and watching and looking for the signs of life. Bait fish mostly, along with birds diving, perhaps dolphins feeding(I know you do not want them there, but they are part of the system and they are there eating something), and then of course game fish.

Search Bull Red Drumthe backcountry flats for feeding and tailing redfish, movement. These fish have been caught using several different forms of tackle. Either casting a DOA Shallow Running Baitbuster, a DOA Shrimp or CAL to tailing fish or for those of you want to use live or cut bait, try pin fish, pig fish or crab. A cut lady fish will always bring great results as well. As always with every report I do, be sure to lead the fish and to use soft presentations, Spotted Seatroutwatch your position as not to scare them.

Fly fishing has been fair to okay. Use a crab pattern or a mullet pattern for the best success. Black drum and spotted seatrout are out among the flats as well. Using stealth and poling to these fish is an absolute must. The smaller trout can be caught along the deeper drop offs by the bars and at the flats end. We are starting to see more of the larger tarpon in the Mosquito Lagoon too.

The near shore bite has come along the central Florida beaches in search of tarpon, a few cobia, king fish, shark and triple tail. Looking for bait pods and again the signs of life. Throwing a live mullet or pin fish to tarpon can work or a DOA Terroreyez, live blue crab will work as well. The Red Drumshark will hit almost any thing just be sure to have the appropriate leader as well as for the king fish. Be careful with all of the above here as they can hurt you if not handled properly. Look around the buoys and the inlet markers for the triple tail and use a DOA Shrimp or live shrimp for them.

Please be sure to handle all of the fish you catch with extreme caution and practice catch and release with the game fish. This will ensure the future of the fisheries here in the great state of Florida.

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