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July 6th, 2016 Mosquito Lagoon Flats Fishing Report

(ATTENTION: The Algae Bloom that has been seen on the national news is in SOUTHERN FLORIDA, it is not near this area, it is over a 115 miles away from the Mosquito Lagoon. The fishing here is not effected by that bloom and is not the same body of water! Call me for details 352-223-7897) The Mosquito Lagoon, Mosquito Lagoon Redfish ChartersIndian River and the flats here in east central Florida have been the main focus of fishing charters for this summer time of 2016. Outstanding days have been happening as first light comes up, and in the evening time as well. Tailing redfish have been the main target for the early hours, along with a black drum here and there. Saltwater Fishing Near Disney The fishing will just continue to get better and better as the days go by. So many people think that the hotter it gets the worse the fishing becomes. Well, this is not true for the area we fish here, this is a prime time to go.

Summertime fishing for saltwater species in east central Florida means great tarpon action! As the days get warmer the tarpon down south will begin to migrate further up the coastal waters of the united states until they reach the lower Carolina's. Snook, cobia, triple tail and plenty of shark can also be in the mix on near coastal charters. Backcountry flats fishing offers great tailing redfish and black drum shots. For the fly fisherman and the spin angler. Early morning is the main key for all the above. Stealth and patience must be included.

A good approach on the water Fishing Near Orlando this time is to have some DOA lures at hand, crab flies or cut mullet. Get started by poling grass flats and looking for tailing fish. Once you see fish, take your time in getting near them. Do not rush it. They will spook easy. Once spooked, they are gone. Soft targeted shots along with a good presentation is your best bet. Handle your catch with extreme care, please. Get your picture then get the fish back quickly, give it time to revive. The warm waters cause death quick and we do not want that.

Black drum have been running scared all over the area, no pun intended here. These fish have evolved over the years after anglers and commercial guys chase them down with no end. They hear a boat and they run. Saltwater Fishing Near KissimmeeYour best bet for them is a live shrimp on a small circle hook, say a 3/0 size. Again soft light presentation to them is main key. Just take your time and if you do things right it will show great results.

Spotted seatrout are being caught here and there while targeting the redfish. A matter of fact is that you may be casting to a redfish and hook up with a trout when you get it to the boat. Seen that a dozen times the past weeks.

Please with all of the game-fish you are catching practice catch and release, including the trout and black drum. This will make them possible to be caught tomorrow for the next person.

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