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September 1st, 2015 • Central Florida Saltwater Fishing Report

We are full swing into our central Florida saltwater fishing patterns. We have been getting some very nice weather for July to get out on the water with, morning and evenings. However the weatherFish Orlando is hot this time of year, so do take note of that, also keep an eye out for those afternoon storms as well. Be careful and hydrate often.

Tarpon are starting to move into the area in full force now. Inshore flats, backcountry and along the beaches here. Backcountry tarpon here on both of the lagoons, the Mosquito and north Indian River, are sought after at first light, and dusk using both fly and spin. With fly we are using small #4 crab light colored patterns on an 8 weight rod or at times a top water popper, depending upon waters fished. Spin fishing for them can be accomplished few different ways. Using a DOA shrimp, CAL or a Baitbuster tends to be the way for artificial. However once you locate the silver kings you can also put out a small finger mullet with a 3/0 circle hook if that is your game too. Search backcountry waters throughout the entire area for smaller tarpon and if cruising the beaches just watch for bait pods and rolling bigger fish. As rains increase you can also check out ditches and runoff areas for small ditch tarpon, Bull Redfishwhich can be great fun, easy and you don't need a boat to do it.

Black Indian River Black Drumdrum have been just out of control here as well. Follow this link to a YouTube video I made earlier this month with Martin, from the UK, getting some fabulous shots at tailing black drum. As the next few weeks go on we should stay steady on this path, great fishing all over! Give me a call and let's get you into some of the greatest action the area has to offer. I made earlier this month with Martin from the UK getting some fabulous shots at tailing black drum. We got these on artificial. The best thing was and is, I am finding these fish daily still! The numbers we are getting on charters are fulfilling, and quality fish. All between 4 to 12 pounds. Targeting them at first light and at dusk if able tends to be the best tactic. Using mainly for the fly angler, a small black fly on a 7 or 8 weight or as always a shrimp pattern will not steer you wrong. Fly Fish OrlandoIf spin fishing a live shrimp is always your best bet, however I like to also use a nice hand picked blue crab, about the sizeBlack Drum Fishing of a quarter to a fifty cent piece. You are not able to buy them at this size but you can catch them if you have the ability to do this. They are GOLD!!! I take the crab and run a small 2/0 circle hook through it and then you must, and I mean you must, make a precise accurate and soft cast to them. With any of the above mentioned. This is a must due to if not they will spook and most of the time the black drum are in rather large schools, so you scare one, they all run. I call that the flock of bird theory.

The next species that is a main staple here and one of the greatest fighters on the flats is of course the redfish or as some call them bulls. As the day begins you can start looking for them in the same manner you are seeking out the black drum, Mosquito Lagoon Trout Fishing usually feeding on grass flats as the sun comes up and watching for bait fish and birds feeding. You can use the same flies for them as you are for the drum, same approach and tactic. We are getting most however using the DOA shrimp and sight fishing them all morning long. Just go slow Central Florida Bass Fishingand take your time.

The bigger "bulls" however are being caught with the DOA Shallow Running Baitbuster at first and last light and a live pinfish placed on a circle hook and free lined. The bull reds are feeding aggressively at first light and at dusk. Search the flats that lead to drop offs for they want a "way out" to say.

Spotted seatrout are being caught blind casting the outer ledges in three to six feet of water. Some use pigfish and some are using top-water. The bigger high end fish are roaming the flats mixed in with the reds and drum.

Some of the odd ball fish we are getting include cobia, triple tail and even a nice Florida largemouth bass.

Please with all of the game-fish you are catching practice catch and release, including the trout and black drum.


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